Presenting Made Brilliant

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Presentations at work are a reality for almost all of us but we rarely have the opportunity to engage in presentation skills training that can take our performance to the next level. This one-day public speaking course will help you become a more powerful and confident communicator allowing you to connect with, influence and inspire audiences with ease.

This practical presentation skills workshop is ideal for anyone who is looking to improve their public speaking abilities. Using the same skills and techniques that The Lir Academy employs to train Professional Actors, we will help you build a confident and credible presence and deliver impactful presentations that connect with your audience, even in highly pressured environments. Our training focuses on using the Body, Breath and Voice to maximum effect - allowing you to deliver a measured, impactful and assured performance, when you need it most.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to build an emotional connection with an audience
  • Develop a greater understanding of the role of the Body, Breath and Voice in public speaking.
  • Relieve nerves and anxiety using breathing, grounding and tension release exercises.
  • Develop a confident and credible physical presence when public speaking
  • Understand how to use the voice to influence and inspire
  • Learn how to open and close presentations convincingly
  • Learn how to structure your presentation to deliver maximum impact
  • Understand how to leave your audience with your message resonating in their minds

As part of this public speaking course, participants are invited to deliver a short presentation and will receive individual feedback. We believe that your presentation skills will develop tenfold by offering an intensive, highly practical public speaking workshop where learning is achieved by doing. The atmosphere is supportive and learning takes place in a safe environment where risk-taking is encouraged in order to push yourself into areas that challenge your assumptions about yourself and your default positions.

Duration: 9am - 5pm