Improv for Business

A creatively challenging, fun and engaging team building workshop designed for teams who are looking to be more creative at work and respond 'in the moment' with greater confidence.

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Improvisation will help you to understand how to create an environment where ideas are generated and people feel safe to offer their opinions, play and innovate. It's a fast-paced, high-energy workshop founded on the principles of improvisation. Through a series of fast, fun games and exercises, you and your team will be shown how to let go of fear, take risks and get into a creative mode.

You will discover what unlocks creativity and what you can do to unlock creativity in others. You’ll also learn how to get 'into the zone' of performance; techniques that will enable you to prepare for work events when the focus is on you.

This fun-packed, practical session will teach you the building blocks of creativity and improvisation.

  • Solving a real problem at work
  • Building on ideas and creativity
  • Generating ideas quickly in the workplace
  • Taking more risks
  • Making others feel safe to offer their opinion
  • Energising teams
  • General team and relationship building
  • Making everyone feel included

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