Personal Coaching: Online Communication

1:1 Communications Coaching aimed at maximising your performance when communicating via Video Conferencing Platforms

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Our training focuses on using the Body, Breath and Voice to maximise performance when communicating - and these personal online workshops will focus on what can be done to increase the impact made when communicating online via video conferencing platforms. Each session can be tailored to suit whatever your individual challenges are in this area - applying both Verbal & Non-Verbal communication techniques to help you become a better online communicator. These sessions are also ideal for anyone communicating via online platforms where English is their second language.

Areas covered during each 1 hour session can include:

  • Grounding / Tension Release Exercises
  • Vocal Warm Up Techniques
  • Understanding Breath Control
  • Use of Vocal Techniques - Tone / Pitch / Pause / Timbre / Projection
  • Vocal Health
  • Importance of Non-Verbal Communication