CONFIDENT ONLINE COMMUNICATION - 24th & 25th September 2020 - **SOLD OUT**

9.30am – 1pm each day / €450 +VAT


Covid-19 has changed the working landscape for us all - with Online platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangouts and Skype becoming an integral part of our everyday working lives. Although these platforms have transformed the way in which we communicate – enabling us to work remotely, in safe environments – they have undoubtedly presented many challenges when it comes to communicating and connecting with others in a virtual world. By now most of us have suffered from Zoom Fatigue, have felt like we’ve spoken into The Void, have come out of an online meeting feeling our message didn’t land – or that we struggled to make a real connection.

Make no mistake, effective online communication is hard work – oftentimes requiring twice the effort for half the result. The Lir at Work’s “Confident Online Communication” workshop is designed to maximise your impact when presenting and communicating online – allowing you to give your best performance on the virtual stage.

Learning Outcomes:

Prep & Warm Ups

    • Learn Grounding / Tension Release Exercises
    • Learn how to warm up vocally ahead of online presentations

    Maximising Impact & Influence Online

    • Develop a confident and credible physical online presence
    • Learn how to use your Body, Breath and Voice to connect with your online audience
    • Learn delivery techniques to land your message more effectively
    • Learn how to deal with Non-Active Listeners
    • Maintaining confidence when speaking into 'The Void'
    • Managing technical glitches when presenting online
    • Managing groups of people when presenting online

    Verbal & Non-Verbal - Online

    • Understand how to use your VOICE to influence and inspire when presenting online
    • How to use Eye Contact and Non-Verbal Communication to maximum effect
    • Understanding the importance of Vocal Techniques - Tone / Pitch / Pause / Timbre / Projection

    The Lir at Work uses training techniques used by professional actors, which help people in work become brilliant communicators. This workshop provides you with an arsenal of take-home tools and techniques, which will allow you to make stronger connections online; ensuring your message lands - whether you’re managing teams remotely or presenting to key stakeholders online.



    Cathal is one of the most in demand voices coaches in Ireland today – and is currently the Head of Voice and Speech in The Lir Academy, Trinity College Dublin.

    After training at the Royal Scottish Academy in Glasgow, Cathal began working as a professional actor – before completing his Masters in Voice Studies from Central School of Speech and Drama. Since then he has taught at the Oxford School of Drama and was Head of Voice at the Gaiety School of Acting from 1998 – 2012 before leaving to join The Lir Academy as Head of Voice – with a primary focus on Voice and Dialect.

    Cathal has worked as a Voice & Dialect Coach on numerous Film & Television productions including Albert Nobbs, Parked, Eden The Escapist, Love/Hate, Kitchen and Omagh. He is the artistic director of both Mouth on Fire Theatre Company and Guthanna Binne Sioraí. His theatre credits include coaching the American Premiere of The Home Place at the Guthrie Theater where he also taught Shaw, Wilde and Beckett.

    Cathal has worked for many years as a voice and communications performance coach within the corporate sector working with clients including NTMA, Twitter, Lifestyle Sports, Paddy Power Betfair, Vodafone, Diageo, Aer Lingus, ESB, Abbott Ireland, The Department of Health, Trinity College Dublin and Standard Life.