MEAT (theatre)

by Gillian Greer


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“We can’t guarantee your comfort, but we can assure you that this will be an experience.”

An all-meat menu, a chef and his vegan ex-girlfriend.

10 years since they broke up, a couple meet for dinner having not spoken since. Over the course of the evening, Max and Ronan can’t find the right words to bring to the table. What was this one night that everything went wrong? Max is ready to write about it. Ronan doesn’t remember, but whose words will weigh more in the end?

A tense dark drama about power, consent and butchered relations.

The Lir Academy presents GradFest 2021 with the support of AIB.

Please note that MEAT contains scenes and sexual references that may be upsetting to patrons

All GradFest productions are suitable for age 16+ only.

Please see the programme here.

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  • Company Stage Manager Alannah O'Leary
  • Assistant Stage Manager Adam Malone
  • Costume Supervisor Melania Sulowska
  • Chief LX Lucy Varley
  • LX Op Imor Hartnett
  • Food Stylist Orfhlaith Noone
  • Hair and Makeup Sarah O’Rourke