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ETC Ion Training Level 4: Proficient (17th Dec)

  1 day

ETC Europe, The Lir Academy and Production Services Ireland are proud to present a series of 1 day ETC training session in the Lir Dublin at various levels on the Ion console.

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Course Begins: 17/12/19
Duration: 1 day
Ages: 18+


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ETC's Eos family of consoles provides power that is elegant, approachable, and scalable. These hands-on training events will give you the opportunity to explore first-hand the features and functions of these powerful control systems.

These classes are taught by lighting designer Kevin Smith. The sessions will include the use of Ion Classic, the new Ion XE and the Element consoles. During the courses you will be introduced to the basics and nuances of this high-level control system and you will leave with more confidence in using your ETC console.

We have recently restructured the Eos training model and there are now 4 levels of training available. These sessions will continue to be free of charge.

In addition Amplify, a new model of training, has been introduced.

Amplify has been developed in response to the demand for ‘the next level of training’.

It introduces the next stage in console training and skills development. Amplify is an intensive

training session that is aimed at improving work flow, teaching new skills and helping people to

become faster, more proficient programmers. Set in a fast-paced environment, Amplify aims to

simulate a real-world programming experience giving attendees the opportunity to test their current

skills and develop new ones as they go. Amplify builds on the knowledge gained from Eos family

training Levels 1 and 2 and takes those core skills and guides attendees through applying them into

their daily programming practices.

Ion Level 4: Proficient

This course is designed for those who are well-versed in Eos®-family terminology, already know the layout of the desk, and are experienced as a conventional- and intelligent-fixture programmer. The Advanced Programming class builds on your knowledge, and discusses more advanced features of the console to help you program more efficiently.

Key concepts covered include

Use advanced palette and preset modifiers

Create more complex Macros

Understand and work with multiple cue lists and multiple cue list playback

Feel comfortable with the Cue List index and its properties

Take advantage of the three states of Capture

Understand Priority settings

Be more effective using Fader Configuration

Use the virtual faders and playback filters

Take advantage of the Fixture Profile Editor

Understand and use the various color spaces and tools of the Color Picker


9am - 6pm

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