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Eos Family Amplify for Theatre

  1 day

ETC Europe, The Lir Academy and Production Services Ireland are proud to present a series of 1 day ETC training session in the Lir Dublin at various levels on the Ion console.

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Course Begins: 18/12/19
Duration: 1 day
Ages: 18+


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Welcome to Eos Amplify!

Amplify is a new 1-day training course for the Eos family of consoles.

Amplify has been developed in response to the demand for ‘the next level of training’ and so far has been met with very favourable response.

Amplify takes the skills and techniques learned in Level 1 & Level 2 console training and adds a new layer of context to the learning outcomes. When people attend the regular training, they often come away know how to record a Beam Palette, but not always knowing why they should and how the features that they have learned can help to speed up the programming process. Amplify aims to address this by offering the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’.

Amplify introduces the next stage in console training and skills development. Amplify is an intensive training session that is aimed at improving work flow, teaching new skills and helping people to become faster, more proficient programmers. Set in a fast-paced environment, Amplify aims to simulate a real-world programming experience giving attendees the opportunity to test their current skills and develop new ones as they go. Amplify builds on the knowledge gained from Eos family training Levels 1 and 2 and takes those core skills and guides attendees through applying them into their daily programming practices. Amplify is structured around a series of programming tasks to complete and an opportunity for review at the end of each task. Each attendee will work on their own console (so the classes are slightly smaller) which will be from the Eos family.

By the end of the session attendees can hope to have:

• Improved show file preparation skills

• Be more efficient in the setup of the console before they start programming

• Be a more proficient programmer

• Vastly improved work flow

The following information must be made clear to those wanting to attend the session:

In order to attend an Amplify session, it is highly recommended that you have attended the Level 1 and Level 2 Basic Training offered by ETC and you should have been using the console for at least

6 months. Before your session, you will be sent an information package and you will be expected to prepare a show file that you will use in the Amplify sessions which you will need to bring along.

Please note that there will be no time in the Amplify session to create your show file – you will have to have prepared it in advance. We will also not be covering any of the training topics covered in Levels 1 & 2 training in this session


9am - 6pm

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