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Audition Masterclass January (now booking)

  4 Days / 10.30am - 5.30pm

This is an intensive course for those considering auditioning for drama school, who wish to master audition technique and fully prepare their monologues. Scroll down for detailed information. See more details and our Covid-19 protocol below.

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Course Begins: Sat 08 Jan 2022
Type: Masterclass
Duration: 4 Days, 10.30am - 5.30pm
When: Weekends


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This audition preparation masterclass will offer a range of workshops giving an invaluable grounding in vital skills required for auditions and ongoing training. On completing the course participants will be armed for auditions with a polished classical and contemporary speech, as well as tips and techniques to remain relaxed and confident in audition situations.

General audition presentation, delivery, attitude and focus will be covered and the course will end with a mock audition session for drama school to practice the skills learned during the course.

Preparation for the course:

All participants MUST have a contemporary and classical monologue memorised for the first day of the course. If you don’t have one prepared this will reduce your development during the week.

Please note: this course runs for four days over two weekends:

08-09/01/2022 - 15-16/01/2022

While our intention is that all short courses take place in person at The Lir Academy, the health and safety of our staff and short course students is always our main priority. Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, delivering short courses in person is not always possible and in these circumstances, all short courses will be delivered online via Zoom. Please note that, as per our Cancellation Policy, no refunds or offers of deferral will be issued in the event of any short course moving online due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Please note that due to current Covid regulations, we will require short course attendees to present their EU COVID Digital Certificate (DCC) or HSE vaccination record. We also require photo identification. If you do not have a DCC or HSE vaccination record (because you are visiting Ireland from another country for example), you can use an official vaccination record issued by the country where you were vaccinated or tested for COVID-19.

Please be advised that patrons who cannot fulfil this requirement will be asked to step down from the course at this time and join us for a course after the regulations have eased at a later date.

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Four Day Audition Masterclass

Course description
This is an intensive course for those considering auditioning for drama school and who wish to master audition technique and fully prepare their monologues.

Preparing for your Audition
Full preparation is key to combatting nerves, giving your best monologue and demonstrating your seriousness. This section of the course covers knowing who is going to be in the room and how that can be helpful, how to best position yourself in the space, making sure the chosen monologue is both suitable and showcases you, who to give your speech to, what to wear, how to be fully warmed up vocally and physically, how to best handle the chit-chat, and how to enter and how to exit.

Preparing Your Monologues
The majority of the course will focus on working the monologues and ensuring that you are armed for the audition with a fully polished contemporary and classical monologue. This work comprises an investigation of the text locating and playing all the intentions and beats, making sure the choices are clear and contribute to an honest and interesting interpretation, and that they maximise your particular skillsets. There are tips and exercises on how to make sure your monologue remains fresh and immediate and that you do not get stuck in learned delivery patterns. There is copious practice on how to take direction – how to really hear what is being asked of you and how to deliver it, should that arise. Character is addressed through an investigation of the text and given circumstances of the play as well as through the movement and voice workshops. For the classical monologue there is an examination of verse and rhythm to add understanding and enjoyment to the playing of the heightened language.

This will all be tailored to the individual within the group setting.


There will be several group workshops. Voice will comprise an overview of this most vital of the actor’s tools and participants will leave knowing how to take care of their voice, how to warm up for an audition or performance, and the importance of this. There will also be a take-home sheet of exercises which can be practiced at home and used before an audition. Movement will largely comprise games and exercises designed to free the actor from inhibition and allow the body to be alert and receptive to any direction or spontaneity that the acting/audition/rehearsal process may throw up. There will also be a Relaxation workshop exploring ways to combat nerves to allow the actor be fully in the moment and have fun.

Mock Audition with Industry panel
At the end of the course we will run mock-audition sessions with an experienced panellist who, along with your tutor, will provide critical private feedback about your audition and your professional development.

Pre-requisites and preparation for course:
All participants must have a contemporary and classical monologue fully memorized for the first day of the course. If you don’t have one prepared this will seriously reduce your development during the week. Please note: classical monologues need to be in verse not prose.

The speech should be 3minutes long.

Audition speeches should be emailed at least two weeks in advance to your course tutor. Email addresses of the tutors will be sent to you prior to the start of the course.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose a suitable monologue:

Make sure you really like it – you are going to be spending a lot of time with it.
Keep to your age or thereabouts.
Make sure it is dramatic and there is a clear objective (Ie. The character wants something).
Be very wary of speeches that are descriptive and fall into the story-telling category (and are undramatic)
It should be clear from the speech what the context is, so avoid anything that is confusing to follow.

Choose something with an accent ONLY if you're totally confident.

Make sure you have chosen classical and contemporary monologues as defined by the school for which you are auditioning - each school defines those terms slightly differently.

For The Lir audition you will be asked for two monologues (but please prepare another as a reserve) of maximum 3 minutes in length each.
One should be from the classical repertoire (Elizabethan/Jacobean plays of Shakespeare, Marlowe, Webster, Jonson, etc.) and one should be from the contemporary repertoire (from the 1960s to the present day).
Make sure you choose plays that have been published and performed professionally.
Make sure also to read the whole play from which the monologue is taken.
Do not choose monologues from film scripts

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  1. ALL COURSES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERRABLE. Please see our Covid-related policy below.

  2. All courses must be paid in full in advance with The Lir Academy, unless otherwise agreed in writing that a payment instalment plan has been approved.

  3. We can only accept bookings from participants over the age of 18 years. Participants under the age of 18 wishing to book onto any of our youth programmes must organise for a parent or guardian to book on their behalf.

  4. Cancellation Policy

  5. In the event of government restrictions preventing us from delivering a course in-person, we will move the course online or defer the start date to later in the year. Anyone who does not wish to participate in an online course, or participate in the course at a later date, will be offered a full refund.

  6. We do not offer refunds, discounts or offers of deferred placement to any customer on the basis that they are concerned about exposing themselves to any risk of infection.

  7. We are unable to offer any refunds, discounts or offers of deferred placement to short course customers on medical grounds (sick, injured, infection, in pain, lost voice etc.)

  8. No refunds, discounts or offers of deferral will be given to customers based on financial difficulties.

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  13. Covid Health & Safety Policy

  14. The health & safety of our staff and participants is of utmost importance – and The Lir Academy ensures that all live workshops take place in studios where the strictest health and safety guidelines are adhered to and live training will only resume when it is safe to do so.

  15. All participants must adhere to the strict health & safety procedures when inside The Lir Academy. Details of these procedures will be sent to all course participants before arriving at The Lir Academy to start their course.

  16. The Lir Academy reserves the right to refuse entry to any person who is not wearing suitable PPE

  17. Rescheduling Dates
    In the event of a course being postponed/rescheduled by The Lir Academy, we will notify all participants in writing at the earliest possible time. Should the new dates / times not suit the participant, a full refund or deferred place will be offered.

  18. The Lir Academy reserves the right to change the tutor team on any course at any stage of its duration.

  19. Gifting Courses to friends / family - Please note that no exceptions will be made to our standard cancellation policy for customers who have purchased courses for a friend or family member, who end up being unable or uninterested in attending the course. Please contact if you would like to hear more about our Gift Vouchers.

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It is strongly recommended that all participants insure themselves to cover the loss of fees in the event of illness, for which The Lir Academy cannot accept any liability.

“I have learned more in the last fours days than I have in the couple of years I have been acting. I am so confident in my approach to studying my speeches when before I hadn’t the slightest clue on what way you should approach and tackle them.”


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